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tv   [untitled]    May 12, 2011 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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>> good morning, and thank you for joining us. i am the director of the mayor's office -- and i am here to mark a milestone in this
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neighborhood, one that is about revenue. this will support and enliven the neighborhood, and allow me to stop driving to shop at target. the speakers are mayor ed lee, donna eagen of target, and the director of the sentences to redevelopment agency. we will have a ceremonial groundbreaking in this room. i would like to talk about the following individuals. the city college board of trustees, natalie burke. since assuming office in january, growing the economy has been a priority. and as we saw, he delivered. without further ado of like to mention -- i would like to introduce the mayor.
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>> if you notice i am smiling, there is such a combination of good will here, and good direction. i get the opportunity to be productive and destructive at the same time. i am here to bolster and brag about what we are doing in san francisco. we are still doing the right things. i have been here so many times and we're talking about how to sustain the economy and grow this. i have repeated, we are doing redevelopment's so well and i want to thank everyone, -- i want to thank the redevelopment commission, i have spoken out in the very beginning in january,
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when people suggested that redevelopment was a don entity and maybe this should not be done. we are continuing to do the right things in this city. and with this fantastic view that we have here, with this wonderful site, as it has been labeled or called for some years, this land is actually owned by the redevelopment agency. they have done the right thing again. by enticing a major investor to come over, from the extremely successful screen, to offer their vision to have $30 million worth of investment. and to invite another fantastic tenant, the target or what
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people are trying to make me pronounced this, the weather pronounced this year, to have a special store. in addition, this is part of the $30 million investment. the restaurants and dining facilities that will be facing this wonderful, beautiful garden that we have invested so many years of the effort on in this great city. that is why i am happy and smiling. this is the use of redevelopment in a positive way. they are such a cornerstone for jobs. we are talking 600 construction jobs as this program begins. 700 permanent jobs are reflected with the restaurant and eating facilities that we have here, the kind of facilities that this floor will have in terms of how it will be used with public space. and the jobs that target will
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bring in. and there is the urban design target store, these are the attributes that we will have a mayor who is enthusiastic about this. this fills a constant theme that i have with job creation, green hope to the city, that we use the agency, the best way possible. and this is really another highlight for redevelopment. and i will say to the governor, and to the others that are suggesting that we do this the route the city, we continue to do this right here. we have many examples of how we do this right. this is job creation and job sustaining, and that is the growth. i was here in the original opening. we welcome the in sony at the time. things change, and new things
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occur, and then we is the success to that they have had in the shopping center a block away. and we adopted a beautiful addition to the city, because every time that we have done shopping, we just look up constantly, and all the people have the same vision that they have here. you could be looking up to many floors of wonderful attractions, restaurants, eating, and all kinds of entertainment. and my wife and i have been here many times. this theater is going to continue to be a vibrant theater here. this is one of the region this is part of the city, where the office is working with redevelopment, and we will continue along the market to bring forward the new technology companies, the companies in the room right now talking about how we can make them excited, with perhaps a relaxation of the
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stock options and the taxing that we have done, so that we do not hurt them as they grow into the city, so that the employees that they will hire, we have 50% local hiring here on this project. this is thanks to the redevelopment objective. those employes will find everything that they need, along the mid markets and the streets, and then, as they want to entertain themselves in the evening, they can spend all evening here. it is so excited to put the sledge hammer to the wall. to actually be productive and to
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welcome in the jobs that this will represent, the finest example of how we do these partnerships, with the redevelopment agency. we will invite the investors and suggest that the investors have the confidence in the redevelopment agency and what we are doing to move forward. investors at westfield and target would not do this if they did not think the city was a good partner. i also want to thank anthony rich, because he just told me this personal story about himself and his wife, moving into russian hill. they love this as much as i love this city. investing their personal lives and all of their investors future vision in this city. this is a wonderful story. i hope that you sustain this and whenever you have to do to get
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the story out. we are moving forward as a city. the future of the city is the young people who will get these jobs. we're making certain that we reach out all the neighborhoods to make certain that the shops are open to all of them. they will not do this without a solid education system. i want for the youth to have good lives in the city. thank you very much. >> westfield has been a strong contributor to the economy of the city, and their presence in the city generates thousands of jobs for residents of san francisco and millions to the tax base. the $30 million that is being invested in this facility speaks volumes about their ongoing commitment to the city. this is the president of westfield.
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>> thank you. i would like to thank ed lee, the commissioners, jennifer, the staff of the redevelopment agency, and the office of economic and work-force development for being here today on a spectacular san francisco de, to support the efforts of revitalization. i also like to thank amy and the staff of the redevelopment agency, for sharing in their expertise as we work. imagine this great location. and working with the city to make this a reality. the office of economic and work force development, is also instrumental in advancing these clans. thank you all for working with the team, led by scott valley and the vice president of development on this project, to reach this important milestone.
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to be here with museums and performing arts venues, streams of world-class conventions. you have to bring a strong imagination. we understood this from the first day. we have always believed that this property could be real imagined and better integrated into the neighborhood. i would like to touch on the plants. each floor has a signature focus. the first crucial step was to literally turn the street level of this facility into this facility. we will throw open the doors to the gardens by integrating the new dining terrace, with over 470 seats inside and out. we will also -- importantly turn to face fourth and mission street. but must 7 cisco buildings, we
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will create a lively, nod, and we truly believe that this will be a great complement to the area. on the second floor, we are thrilled to welcome the first city target, and donna will tell you about these plans. on the third floor, we" brands to amc theaters. we will renovate this with a dynamic new box office. the fourth floor, where we're standing today, is called a city view. this will also be renovated to make a more unique and successful premier location with a special events. we are pleased to tell you that this is nearly fully leased. with over 20 restaurants as the mayor has mentioned, with retailers and other offerings.
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as construction is under way, they will all remain open. so please come and continue to enjoy them. the new city to open in september 2011, after brief refurbishment, and the first floor, including the new dining terrace, will open in the first quarter of 2012. target is looking to open in the second half of 2012. to reach this milestone took a lot of hard work, by many, many people. and a healthy dose of imagination. we are thrilled about getting started, and continuing to contribute to the vitality of this neighborhood, and the city of san francisco. thank you for being here today.
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>> i have a 10 year-old and a 12 year-old, and we like to shop at target. it will be wonderful not have to drive art -- across the bridge to do this. this cannot come fast enough. thank you. >> thank you, so much. thank you, mayor, and the partners for having us here today. it has been so gratifying this morning, hearing the genuine enthusiasm from so many of you about the opening of one of the first targets. i want to tell you about the new concept. we have 1700 stores in communities across the country. we have 46 in the bay area. what is excited about the direction we're headed is that more than ever, they recognize that one size does not fit all.
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they taylor store design, product assortment and local ownership for the communities. we tailor these stores to the location. as many of you have heard, in the next few years, we will open a smaller format in handful of densely populated urban areas like san francisco. urban residents are already guests who have to travel to suburban stores to shop, which is not always easy. we are trying to use existing urban infrastructure to reach these tests. this stohr record -- perfectly exemplifies this concept. approximately 135,000 square feet, this has most of the
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things that make this what is, but with the san francisco guests in mind. we will include the everyday items, and include the unique offerings for city dwellers. the busy suburbanite's working downtown will appreciate a clean and safe store that they trust to purchase diapers and purchase items for the meal on the way home from work. this target will include the expanded selection of fresh foods, including dairy products, and meat. the opening is still scheduled for october 2012, they are working hard to make certain that we meet the high expectations. this has large expenses of clear windows overlooking the park. this is with the redevelopment
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agency, and the south of market employment center, to prioritize hiring local team members. it ought we expect higher 200 team members and the hiring process will begin six to eight months before opening. we are committed to being a good neighbor in the communities where we serve. last october, we sponsored family day, featuring performance by the circus and free admission to several neighborhood museums. we will sponsor a couple of free concerts in may and july. thank you to the fellow speakers for allowing me to share some of the plans. i cannot overemphasize how happy that we are to join the san francisco community and we look forward to having more details in the future. thank you. >> this has been mentioned. the project area formed in
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1966, this is the premier cultural convention and shopping district. blackwell has not been a director since 1956 but deserves much of the credit for the success. let me welcome from blackwell. >> thank you for mentioning this but i have not been around that long. i would like to be brief but i also have quite a bit to share with all of you. i am the community development person, and it is hard for me to stand up here without telling you the story of how we got here. before i do this, i want to say, i want to abolish some of the people in the room who have been here, who have actually seen the evolution of this project area before their own eyes. we have the commissioners here,
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they are here in the front row. commissioner king has been a commissioner at the redevelopment agency since 1980, which means that he has seen the transformation of this community firsthand. in addition to the commissioners, there are also people in the room who have seen this from the beginning to the end as well. i see that john is here in the room. he has been a community member in this area, and it is exciting up only to see the kinds of things happen today, but also fighting to make certain that the people living in this area, when this was established, have the chance to benefit from the investment that had occurred here. this is an area that is one of the earliest redevelopment project areas established in the state. along with the western addition. early on, the story was one of urban renewal, where the
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paradigm for community development was to raise the land and clear this out, and start over with a new palette. 20 years ago or 30 years ago, if you stood out on the patio, what you would see is basically a parking lot. you would see a lot of land in close to downtown that had not been developed. because of the hard work of the commissioners, and the hard work of the agency's staff including people like kathy here in the front, because of the hard work of community members and members of the city family, now what you will see out the window is a cultural district, an entertainment district, a shopping district, and a place where visitors come from all over the world, the convention area. this is the product of decades
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of hard work, patience and diligence on the part of many people. one thing i want to say that is very important is that, this building will actually be an incredible contributor to the kind of final piece of the transformation of yurba buena. they will change the buildings of this is facing mission street and inviting people into the very important things to do. this will contribute to the community. and the admission of target is a wonderful time -- addition. i cannot tell you the people who are excited about this project. i want to finish by saying, thank you to anthony and westfield, thank you to target for giving me some legitimacy and credibility with my grandmother. i have tried to explain to her what i do on a daily basis.
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i talk about the infrastructure and affordable housing, but not until i said that target was coming to san francisco did she think that i was actually doing something when i went to work every day. so, thank you. [applause] >> thank you all. i would like to invite the speakers to get a hardhat, goggles, and a mallet, and join us by this post. >> one, two, three. [applause]